Types of Online Bingo Bonuses

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus is the form of bonuses preferred by many players. As you can see it from the name, the players are not to make deposits, this is an absolute freebie! No deposit bonuses are given by the bingo hall to the players, so that players can get acquainted with the software used by this particular bingo hall. With this bonus you do not need to pay even a single penny to play, it is completely free. You can get this bonus right after the registration not investing a dime! Of course, you need to download the software used by the bingo operator. Most online bingo halls offer up to 30 dollars or pounds, so the player can try playing without spending their own money. Bear in mind, that the owners of bingo halls protect themselves with certain conditions relative to the bonuses. Usually, the amount of money won by players using no deposit bonuses are also considered bonuses and cannot be withdrawn directly if you don’t make any deposits but that sounds fair, isn’t it? In case you spent your no deposit bonus and you want to continue playing, you need to make a deposit.

First deposit bonus

The bonus on the first deposit is a very popular form of bonuses among all gambling sites. It can be fixed deposit bonus, usually stated in terms together with the amount of the minimum deposit required in order to receive the bonus. It can also be a percentage on your first deposit, where everything is the same as in the fixed deposit bonus but it is not expressed as a fixed amount, it is a percentage of your deposit. The player is to make the first deposit i.e. transfers the money to the bingo hall and then the bingo hall gives him additional 100 – 300 %. Usually there is a maximum of $ 100 - $ 300. For example, if the bonus is 200 % on a deposit up to $ 200, with a deposit of $ 20 you can get a bonus of $ 40, while for a deposit of $ 100, the bonus will be $ 200. In bingo it is usually necessary to make wagering 2 to 10 times greater than the amount of the bonus. That means that when you receive a bonus of $ 100, you must buy tickets for the amount of $ 400 (if the requirement is to make wagering 4 times greater than the amount of your bonus). After that, you can usually withdraw the entire amount available in the account, including your bonus and winnings. As already mentioned above, there are sticky bonuses, in this case, the amount of the bonus cannot be withdrawn, but you can still play with it (for example, if you already spend your entire deposit, you can continue playing with the amount of the bonus). So, after you’ve made your first deposit, you can get real money!

Bonuses on subsequent deposits

The owners of bingo halls are willing to encourage not only the first deposit but your subsequent deposits as well. Usually they give a bonus of 50 % of the deposit. The conditions for wagering are similar to the conditions on the first deposit bonus. There are also bonuses called reload bonuses which are also expressed as a percentage of your deposits. The percentage depends on the amount of your lifetime deposits made. For example, if you have made deposits up to $ 500, you can get a 100 % match on your deposits; if you have made deposits up to $ 1000, you can get 150 % match on your deposits; if you have made deposits up to $ 10 000, you can get 200 % on your deposits; if you have made deposits up to $ 25 000, you can get 250 % on your deposits; if you have made deposits more than $ 25 000, you can receive 300 % on your deposits.

Monthly bonus

Some of the bingo sites offer bonuses on your first deposit each month! In fact, you get a fixed bonus every month. The conditions for receiving the bonus are similar to the bonus on the first deposit conditions. The monthly bonus is paid every month as a fixed amount but at a certain activity of the player, or, alternatively, after your deposit transaction. Bonuses are usually granted automatically after you make your first deposit for the new month.

Refer a friend bonus

The Refer a friend bonus is perhaps the most “delicious” one since you get paid for your friends! The more friends you have, the more money you’ll get. The condition of receiving the bonus is to assist in attracting new players into bingo halls. Refer a friend can be translates as “Recommend a friend”. If you know someone who won’t mind playing bingo online, you can send his e-mail to the casino and receive a cash bonus on your game account. In order to do that you first send your friend’s e-mail to the bingo hall you are playing. Then the bingo hall sends a letter of invitation to your friend. In case he/ she takes the advantage of this invitation, registers and makes his/ her first deposit, you get a small bonus of $ 15 to $ 50 since you are the one who recommended him/ her. There may be a few requirements relative to Refer a friend bonus, or there may be no requirements at all. In some cases, your friend also receives the bonus. This type of bonus is offered by many sites.

How to choose your deposit method

Today the bingo rooms offer many different deposit methods. Some of them offer even additional money for using a certain method. Apparently, the alternative deposit methods are more attractive to the bingo halls and they try to encourage the players to use them.

One of the easiest deposit methods is by using a debit card. Nevertheless, you should check the bingo site you are playing for more details since there may be debit cards that are not accepted. Another deposit method is to use a credit card but it is not recommended since first, you can get charged a fee from certain sites, and second, you may not be able to get your winnings back to your card. That’s because some of the credit cards do not accept withdrawals back to the cards. So, if you intend to use a credit card, you need to check that first. Probably the most preferred method by many is Net or E - Wallet. You can transfer money from your card or bank account into your e- wallet and then spend or receive money over the net. Bear in mind that there will be a fee when you transfer money from and to your card or bank account.

It is also good to know that most bingo halls prefer not to receive money from cards, but from e- wallets. In case you use an e- wallet, you may also get a bonus for using this “alternative” way of payment. The value of such a bonus usually is a small percentage of your deposit, usually 10 to 20 % but in some bingo rooms you can receive such a bonus on every deposit!

Risk free or refund bonus

Some bingo rooms offer risk free bonuses i.e. to refund your money in case you lose over a particular period of time, usually, within24 hours which means that you have the opportunity to play risk free because your money will be returned in any case. But do not think that you will receive this bonus without having any obligations! You will receive it only if certain conditions are met. You must agree that bingo halls are not supposed to give you money just like that. On the contrary, with these bonuses bingo rooms intend to increase their income. The main goal of this bonus, as a rule, is to increase the activity of a player and as a consequence, to increase the income of the bingo room. So, make sure you read the terms and conditions relative to the bonuses very carefully!

Complimentary points

Comp points i.e. complimentary points, also called loyalty points are additional points that are awarded to a player for his / her wagering values. After accumulating a certain amount of points, you can convert them into money. The normal value of accrued comp points is 0,1 % of your wagering value, sometimes even more. For $ 1 you can get 10 loyalty points. As a matter of fact, most of the bingo rooms offer comp points but you can’t make much profit on them. In some bingo rooms you can convert your comp points into cash no matter what the amount is, but some bingo rooms require a certain minimum level of points, so there might be some restrictions there. Anyway, it is very convenient that you have the opportunity to check your wagering value.

Other promotions

Except the aforementioned bonuses, there are some other promotions such as tournaments, lotteries, jackpots, free gift give aways, free cash give aways, guaranteed prize games, chat games etc. In the tournaments usually all the players are involved. The fund prize is provided by the bingo room and the money is distributed between the top players i.e. players who have placed the most wagers or players who have played the largest amounts. All these conditions are indicated and you can find them in the rules of the tournament. Sometimes the prizes are won completely random but sometimes chances depend on the skills of the players. Jackpots are awarded for particularly quick completion of bingo cards I.e. calling a full house. For example, in 90 ball bingo a jackpot of several hundreds to tens of thousands dollars or pounds, you can call a full house on 38 balls or even less. The probability of such an event, of course, is very small, but there is always a chance and the prize is very good. In order to entertain the players, the owners of bingo rooms offer special bingo chat games. Here you should also read the terms and conditions, since each bingo room has certain requirements and even some restrictions. For example, some bingo rooms require certain playing hours, certain deposits and you can’t win more than 5 times per day. Of course, that will be too much! Nevertheless, all these promotions actually help the player. But in any case, everything depends on your intentions. If you intend to play and play for a long time, then getting a bonus will not hurt you, or disturb you. It will just increase your winning chances. But if you intend to get the entire pot quickly and walk away is quite a different issue because in that case the bonuses may become obstacles, so it will be a good idea to refuse any bonuses. There are other promotions offered by the bingo halls that also increase your chances of success. What do you care? The money will be still provided by the bingo room, so you risk absolutely nothing. But in any case never forget that before you start playing you need to read and understand the terms and conditions of player bonuses and promotions.