Some examples for bingo bonuses

Sometimes the bonus offered is 250 % of your deposit i.e. up to $ 2, 500 for each player who made a deposit. The only condition to receive the bonus payment is to deposit a large enough amount. For example, if your deposit is one thousand dollars, then you’ll have at your disposal the amount of $ 3, 500 for the game. If your deposit is $ 100, you’ll have $ 350. In fact, the bonus can soon reach 300 % since some bingo casinos pay to each player 50 % of the amount lost during the game. But in case you rose to eminence in the game of bingo, you should not think about your losses. Nevertheless, you are entitled to know.

At the same time, those players who left the bingo hall and then again returned to it, get 100 % bonus on all deposits made in the game. They can also count on 250 % bonus as a monthly payment based on the amount of the bets made by the player for a month. Let’s say you made a bet of $ 1 to $ 500. In this case you can count on 100 % bonus on all your subsequent deposits. In case your initial bet is from $ 501 to $ 1, 000, you get 150 % bonus as a monthly payment. In case the amount you bet is between $ 1, 001 and $ 10, 000, the bingo operator may give you a bonus of 200 %. All your bets that exceed $ 10, 000 will be rewarded with a bonus of 250 %, as mentioned before.

You can also expect to receive a no deposit bonus when you register in a bingo hall. The size of no deposit bonuses is different in different casinos but, for example, it may be $ 30. Despite the fact that this amount seems small, considering that in this case you do not need to bet and spend your own money, this $ 30 may become indispensable. You can use the deposit bonus only for bets in the game, otherwise you won’t be able to cash it out. Nevertheless, even if you lose, this $ 30 will stay into your account in the bingo hall. If you are so confident in yourself as a player, that you are willing to bet immediately without using any deposit bonuses, go ahead and play but first check what is the duration of the deposit bonus you already have. All these are just examples. But if you are determined to play bingo, you should do your research on the Internet and find an online casino that meets your requirements.