Putting a unique twist on a party with fantasy themes

Party planning starts with finding the right theme for the event. Planning a party around the fantasy theme provides a creative outlet for the planners and the partiers. The key to planning a party around fantasy is starting with a basic theme that brings in fantasy books, movies or mythology.

Video Games and Comic Books

Bring out the inner child or the inner nerd with a theme that reminds partiers of their days playing video games and reading comic books. A theme that incorporates a favorite video game is ideal for parties in a technical college or computer science related fields. Although it is a great idea for individuals who are interested in gaming and computers, it is also appropriate for any group that loves comics or a specific game.

Before decorating for the party, select a preferred video game, comic or combination of ideas. Decorate around the idea and suggest the partiers dress up as characters related to the final theme. Games can include playing the video game during the party, best costume competitions, creating drinks or food items related to the theme and classic gambling games like bingo or poker.

A video game or comic book theme invites partiers to remember their days as children or get into that superhero mentality. Dressing up as a favorite X-Men character, Superman or video game character will bring out the fantasy elements of the beloved tales.

Wizards and Witches

Wizards and witches have become a party favorite for younger groups, particularly "Harry Potter" fans, but it is a great fantasy party idea for adults. A wizard party allows partiers to dress up in a costume that brings magic to mind.

The theme of the party allows planners to get creative based on the ideas that come to mind with the words. Along with famous children’s books, the theme invites classic tales of Merlin and historical witches to add into the mix. After selecting the main wizard, witch or idea based on the theme, it is possible to select fun games for the evening and plan drinks or refreshments based on the plan.

Games should add in options that include wizard duels and potion making. Wizard trivia and card games that involved magic can take center stage as the perfect entertainment opportunity.

Ancient Myths

Fantasy stories, movies and ideas often stem back to the myths of ancient Greece, Egypt and other countries. A fantasy themed party can relate to mythology to bring out a unique party experience.

CollegeFashion.net suggests that a toga party is a classic option for college students. Expanding on the basic costume to include mythological figures and creatures can make the party more interesting and invite games related to the topic. It also allows partiers to get creative by dressing up as a monsters, ghosts and creatures described in the myths.

Decorations for a party related to ancient mythology can focus on specific creatures, descriptions of the settings in a mythological tale or ideas that stem from the story in the myth. Depending on the myths selected, the decorations can vary. For example, a myth that has elements of horror can provide inspiration for a room that focuses on ghosts, vampires and classic horror tales. A myth related to the ancient gods can work on creating a Mt. Olympus atmosphere.

Planning a party around a fantasy theme can create an atmosphere of fun, magic and laughter. The inspiration that comes from fantasy can provide unique decorations, fun costumes and great entertainment opportunities.