Online Bingo Bonuses

A bonus is the amount of money offered by online casinos for promotional purposes. Unlike ground based casinos, the costs and expenses in casinos online are very low since they do not need premises, equipment, cards etc. On one hand, they spend money only for the server and support but on the other hand, the competition is really fierce. Therefore, the bonuses are one of the main ways of competition between the online casinos, especially because the low costs give casinos the opportunity to offer the players money from the bingo hall. But do not think that bonuses are like handing out cash. There is no such thing. There are certain conditions for each bonus. According to these conditions players need to bet a certain amount of money. Of course, there are many and different conditions in different casinos. For instance, there are bonuses you are not able to withdraw – they are also called sticky or phantom bonuses. In some casinos, the amount of money you win is also considered a bonus. In general, the most important advice is the following: Make sure that you carefully read the rules on bonuses i.e. the terms and conditions of the site you are playing or intend to play and just play responsibly!