British Bingo

The British Bingo is known also as UK Bingo or 90 ball Bingo .The bingo card in 90 ball bingo has 9 columns, 3 lines with 5 numbers and 5 free spaces. The cards are usually in a bundle of 6 tickets i.e. in strips. Players cross off the called numbers on their bingo tickets. Each 90 ball bingo game has three parts and therefore, three winners. Before each of them, the caller announces the objective of the part. In the first part the objective is to cross off all the numbers of any horizontal line, so the caller announces: “Line”. The winner is the player who first managed to fill a line. In the second part of the game the objective is to fill all the numbers on two horizontal lines, so the player who managed to mark two lines on his/ her cards, is the winner of this part. In the third part the objective is to cross off all the numbers on your cards, which is called a Full house, or Bingo. The player, who managed to do that, wins the Bingo prize and the game ends. One player can win more than once in one game. If there are more winners, which is also possible, the pot is to be split between them. If you wonder how much the prize could be, it is good to know that it depends on the number of the players involved. But every time you play, you have three chances of winning the game.