Bingo News: Progressive Jackpots

Jackpots are certainly one of the main reasons people love to gamble; as the prospect of winning a life-changing amount of money is something most people dream about. This is why jackpot casino games have been popular for years – especially progressive jackpots which add extra spice by increasing in value following each game in which the jackpot isn’t won.

With casino jackpots being so popular, it is hardly surprising that other forms of gambling have followed suit and one of the main reasons that the lotteries around the world achieved instant popularity.

Equally popular are the jackpots that can be won playing bingo. These jackpots initially started in bingo halls, and have quickly been accommodated by online bingo sites. They are certainly one of the main reasons why online bingo has rapidly grown into a global gaming phenomenon, one that continues to increase in popularity on a daily basis.

Jackpots often run into tens of thousands of pounds, and to win one you usually have to achieve a full-house within a certain number of balls. If a player achieves this the jackpot is won and if not it both rolls over and has more money added to it – hence the term progressive jackpot.

Each game/site may have different rules when it comes to playing for progressive jackpots, with some games requiring you to have contributed a certain amount of money or having played a certain amount of games, whilst others allow you to try and win it regardless of what you have or haven’t done previously.

Progressive Jackpot Growth

The size of jackpots can vary from as little as £100 to as much as £100,000, with the smaller ones won more frequently and often for a lower initial stake. Meanwhile, the bigger ones are obviously harder to win, with the big-jackpot game often being the highlight of the evening. Many smaller jackpots increase by an agreed increment each time it isn’t won, whilst the increase in the big progressive jackpot games is often determined by the number of players who played the previous game. This increase can often be exponential as more and more people are attracted to the game as the jackpot gets bigger and bigger. In that respect, the progressive jackpots are similar to the lottery jackpot rollovers which attract more players when the prize is massive.

Though the larger jackpot games tend to coincide with the highest ticket price games, this isn’t always true and some of the smaller ticket price game jackpots can get relatively large when they’ve not been won for a while.

Progressive Jackpot Rankings

Most online bingo sites advertise their progressive jackpots on their home-page, and definitely within their games schedule, and these are incredibly handy when you quickly want to find a jackpot game to play in. Most sites will also tell you the last time the jackpot was won, how many tickets have been sold for the current game, and how much the progressive jackpot total will increase to if the jackpot isn’t won this time. You can even learn how to play bingo on some sites.

Of course, you may only want to play in games in which the jackpot is a certain amount; perhaps an amount that will pay for a luxury holiday, your wedding, a new car, or maybe even that extension you’d desperately like to build.

As well as bingo jackpots, online bingo sites often have online slot jackpots which can amount to massive amounts of money with players playing simultaneously around the world.