American (75 ball) Bingo

The American bingo is known also as US Bingo or 75 ball Bingo. The Bingo card in 75 ball Bingo has 5 columns and 5 rows i.e. 25 numbers altogether. The square in the middle is already marked i.e. it is Free space. Each column contains 15 numbers. The range of the numbers is from 1 to 75 which are selected randomly. Above the columns it is written BINGO, so each column has one of the letters of the word above. So, each player has a 25 squared card. The numbers are called out by a caller with the letter included, so players can find it easily. These numbers are selected from 75 balls with corresponding numbers. When a number is called, players need to mark it on their cards. Each player is allowed to play with more than one card. The objective of the game is to mark numbers that match a pattern which can be any shape. Patterns can be lines, numbers, letters, shapes etc. For instance, for the letter C shape you need to mark the numbers on the bottom horizontal row, the numbers on the top horizontal row, and the left vertical column. For the coverall pattern you need to mark all numbers on the card. It is called also a blackout.